With my pseudonym Caren Benedikt I am writing historical novels. I was always interested in history, because I like to know more about the connections and to see behind the curtain. “Die Duftnäherin” was the first book, which got more attention in the book market. May it sounds crazy, but Anna, the protagonist, appeared to me in my dreams. I liked the idea of a woman, who has to go through difficult times and faces several problems. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I could reach so many readers and publish so many books.

The cooperation with big publisher companies gave me the opportunity to get in contact with other well-known authors such as Iny Lorentz. The historical novels let me take a look back to other centuries. Sometimes I walk through my little town and catch myself in seeing my own figures standing right in front of me. I love my figures with my whole heart and feel their thoughts such as mine. In the end of every book I am sad to leave my protagonist – for a while.